Push Therapy

 For svenska, vänligen se under den svenska fliken

Do you have tight muscles?  High intensity workouts ?  Experiencing pain or less mobility?


PUSH Stands for Power Under Soft Hands.  It is a specialized form of muscle therapy where the therapist rarely use their hands. Instead, the forearm, elbow, and finger tools do most of the work. In PUSH-therapy we apply pressure across the muscle fibers instead of along them (as traditional massage does).  This is more effective in releasing constricted muscles, which facilitates the increase of blood flow throughout the entire body. 

PUSH-therapy is especially effective in treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Headaches, Tendonitis, Lower back Pain, Knee pain or Plantar Faciitis.

PUSH- therapy is also frequently used to treat compressed/bulging discs, hip pain, TMJ, rotary cuffs and more....

Besides working on specific muscle groups, PUSH-therapy also treats the body as an integrated unit, to dramatically improve posture and function. The PUSH-therapist works with a specific plan, so the client always knows what to expect  from     the treatment, and can get the same result every time.


Treatment is the most important part of the plan. 

The therapist instructs the client in self-treatment for faster rehabilitation, and also how to take care of their body in the future. It is important for the client to be involved in the healing process.

The client will also learn PUSH mobility training, which targets the source of the problem, so the client can change the posture when doing specific movements. 

Finally we have PUSH mobility exercise which teaches the body new muscle memory. This makes the client observe when the body is out of alignment, and how to make the proper corrections.

If your are tired of living in pain, then it's time to call for an appointment today!